Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The bed drug

 I usually climb out of bed when the sun climbs over the horizon. Or, at least, that’s what I usually tell myself I’m going to do. Well, no, it’s what I rarely do. Because that early morning period is when I experience some of my most delicious sleep.

It’s one thing to sleep so deeply I’m unconscious, so deeply I cease to be aware I even exist. That’s great sleep. But I really love being just over the edge of sleep, awake just enough to know I’m in a comfortable bed, at just the right temperature, with no reason I need to get up, and then sinking down… down…… down………… into some weird dream……….. then drifting slowly up to semiconsciousness so I can be grateful I can stay in bed and sink down… down…… down………… 

Yes, I know, I’ve written about this before. That’s how much I love morning sleep.


  1. Me. too. That's why I stay up really late then sleep until nearly noon. My bed is sooo comfortable and comforting.

  2. In retirement my Dad used to say:
    I eat when I’m hungry,
    I drink when I’m dry,
    I sleep when I’m tired
    And watch the world go by.
    Sounds like a plan.

  3. Joe, Your Dad sounds like my kind of guy. I am also retired and recognize words of wisdom.