Sunday, May 9, 2021

Go west then turn right

Friday I drove from Mimbres to Yuma, across the width of Arizona (plus the New Mexico part). Saturday I crossed the border to Los Algodones to get some medications, then spent the rest of the day running around Yuma, doing errands and restocking supplies. Sunday I drove from Yuma to Lake Mead—almost the full height of Arizona. Four states, two countries, nearly 800 miles.

There are a couple of hikes in the area I want to do. One involves tunnels, the other might have waterfalls. There are also hikes in Valley of Fire State Park and on the way there. Then it’s up to Utah. At least, that’s the plan.

For a couple of days I had considered continuing west from Yuma, all the way to the Pacific. I miss the ocean. But I got thinking about the hassles of trying to stealth camp in San Diego, even though Scott, of Static Campervan, assured me the attitude had loosened up considerably there. Maybe it’s a result of the pandemic. But when I woke up Sunday I was certain I wanted to go north. So here I am.

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