Sunday, May 23, 2021

My first e-bike ride

My eldest sister, Karen, and her husband, Niels, live in Saint George, Utah. I visited them when I passed through there, parked in the side yard for the night, and used their shower. They also took me to dinner.

To my surprise, these oldsters have taken up bicycle riding. Well, electric bicycles. Well, Niels rides a bicycle and Karen rides a tricycle. But they mostly use pedal assist mode, not fully motorized mode. And they don’t stick to just the flatter lands.

Karen asked if I wanted to try the e-bike. Sure. She led the way through the neighborhood to the top of a mesa, peddling the entire time. I only twisted the throttle a few times, usually when accelerating from a stop. And during part of one long uphill section. It was about a five-mile ride.

Karen and I after peddling up by the Saint George airport

It was an interesting experience, not only because it was my first time on an e-bike, but also to see what a peddling machine my 80-ish sister is.

“You know,” she said, “they make mountain bike versions of these that would be better suited for your lifestyle.”

I let her suggestion/sales pitch slide. E-bikes are cool, but my main problem (besides price) would be charging one. I have just enough solar power to run the stuff I have, not enough for a bike too. And I’d have to get a carrier, and chains and locks, and worry about it getting stolen anyway. Besides, walking has become my thing. 


  1. Check out the Evercross H5 scooter on amazon.
    and I am happy to also report since my 20 prostate cancer radiation treatments in June and July of2019 my PSA was just .37 on 10/19, moved at .38 on 5/20 and is now .23 so I can officially call myself a cancer survivor.

    1. Congratulations! Here's to many healthy years to come.