Sunday, August 10, 2014

I'm a fan

Some days, like the past two days, there's a nice breeze blowing through my van to keep things at a perfect temperature. Some days, like today, there's no breeze. That's when I use my fan.

It plugs into my 12-volt system and has two speeds. It came with a power canister to hold flashlight batteries, but I don't use it. The best feature is that the fan mounts with a magnet. That gives me many more location options than the ones without.

It's not such a great advantage if you have a passenger van where most of the metal is covered by plastic or upholstery. In that case there are other 12-volt fans, like the ones below, that sit on whatever surfaces you have.

However, the magnetic fan must not have been a good seller, because O2 Cool has stopped making it. I guess that means I'll need to take good care of the one I have.

It's surprising how effective a fan is in a small space like a van. Keeping air moving is a key to fighting heat. Avoiding hot places helps too. Such is the advantage of the mobile life.

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