Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Happy feet

The rule is no shoes inside Lou’s house. That’s easy for him since he wears flip-flops most of the time. I, however, haven’t had sandals since mine “disappeared” in the night while at a campground in Baja. Even if I still had them, taking them off and putting them back on would be more involved than slide-off-slide-on flip-flops since they had a heel strap. I like a heel strap. I need a heel strap. Otherwise I have to shuffle along to keep from walking out of the sandals. And I hate a thong between my toes.

So even though they’re considered a hideous fashion faux pas in many quarters, I got some Crocs. I got ’em a size larger so I can slide in and out of them easily. The heel strap boings back into place. And I got orange because I’m secure in my masculinity. 


  1. I wear wool sock liners inside my Crocs. They keep my feet from sticking to the Crocs and they work at any temperature as well as working when wet if I get caught in the rain--just wipe dry the shoes and change the socks and I am set to go again. Best shoes I ever bought.