Sunday, August 15, 2021


Back when I lived in San Francisco we had a streak of Pacific Northwest style weather. Overcast for what seemed like forever. Then I had to take a flight somewhere (Southern California?). The plane took off, rose through the clouds and then (cue angelic choir) broke through into glorious sunshine. Oh, yeah. The sun is always there. Philosophical metaphor.

I'm reminded of this because we've had a couple of days of unbroken overcast here in southwestern New Mexico. Monsoon season. Hurray for rain! But it has me feeling gloomy. This morning there was a small opening in the cloud cover with a jet contrail streaking through it. Ah, yes, there's sunshine up there. I wanted a photo to accompany this post, but by the time I got my camera the clouds had closed. Sigh.


  1. Just be happy you are not in North Alabama. I would have continued to stay west of the east Texas border if not for the grandkids being here.

    1. My late brother lived in Huntsville for several years back in the late '60s. I visited him there one summer.