Saturday, April 9, 2022

Today’s haul

Four 15-packs of cheap-ass beer

Three bottles of cheap-ass vodka

Two 1-liter water bottles

One 1-quart milk bottle

One small Pringles can

Three random pieces of cardboard

About a dozen no-longer-wet wet wipes

One sock


  1. Well done. Thank you. You are in good company; David Sedaris does the same thing when he goes for his daily walks.

  2. I also have found that litter is often cheap beer and liquor. And junk food. I assume the common factor is lack of impulse control.

    I did find some microbrew cans once and remember being surprised.

  3. Bright and early this morning I noticed a car had pulled into the far end of the clear spot I'm camped in. It was far enough away that I didn't mind sharing. I man got out and just stood there for a while. Then he walked a little into the creosote bushes. What was he doing? He picked something up. I immediately recognized it: a blue Keystone Lite box. Then he picked up another. Somehow I had missed those two. I returned to my business. I looked out a little later and he was gone. Had he come just to pick up trash? If so, maybe he was disappointed that someone (me) had beat him to it.