Saturday, April 16, 2022

Wish list

Let’s say I could afford any replacement for the Rolling Steel Tent I wanted. What would I get? A tricked out 4x4 Sprinter or Transit with a high roof? A step van? A box truck? A Unimog?

Nah. I’d want something very similar to what I have, with a few minor improvements. Here’s the wish list:

Chevrolet Express or GMC Savana cargo van (because they’re tanks)

3/4 ton (a 1/2 ton would probably be enough, but they stopped making them)

V-8 (my 4.8L is enough, but now the only engine choices are the 4.3L V6, the 6.6L V8 and 2.8L turbo diesel 4 cylinder)

Silver (so I don’t have to deal with white paint peeling)

Sliding side door with tilt-out window (see this for why I prefer a sliding door)

Tilt-out windows on the back doors (ventilation, man)

Passenger seat delete (because I’d remove it anyway to make room for the fridge)

Power windows/locks/mirrors (because I’m tired or doing the door lock walk around, and I'd like to roll the passenger side window up and down from the driver seat)

Cruise control (because I cruise)

Blind zone alert (always good on a van)

Backup camera (because I have one now)

Automatic locking differential (for the iffy roads)

My needs are simple. 


  1. I've thought about this. I suspect I would redo my current build with "bulletproofed" drivetrain and top tier components. My EpEver cranks but I secretly lust for Morningstar.

    If my boondocking/stealthing mix changed to 100% boondocking I'd entertain the idea of a 4wd truck with slide-in camper. I've always liked the cleverness and tidiness of slide-ins.

  2. ...passenger vans? same as cargo but passenger, already insulated, sell seats to wholesaler and have them extract said seats...viola your blank canvas! What say you? Definitely power windows

    1. Some reasons not: The ducting in the headliner for heat and AC takes up headroom and would need to be removed. The shape of the side panels make it harder to build out. The carpeting is usually too filthy to clean and must be ripped out. Extra seatbelts to remove. Extra entertainment system wiring to get rid of...

  3. How about a Sportsmobile pop top/bed?