Thursday, June 6, 2013

Almost Gone

A new life calls for a new blog.

I think Descartes said that. Joe Descartes, the guy who is always hanging out in front of the Smoothie Palace.

So, this is my new blog. The one various people asked me to create so I can report on my wandering life.

Wandering but not lost.

I hope.

I turn the house over to the new owner on June 28. By then I will have temporarily decamped to my friend Bryan's house in Lancaster, SC, where I'll finish outfitting my van.

Yes, a van. Like William Least Heat-Moon of Blue Highways fame. Only with solar power.

A van, like all the hippies and Dead Heads I never was. Only without the sex and drugs.

A van, because owning an RV, with all its mechanical complexity, is too much like owning a house. Too much to go wrong. Besides, the larger the vehicle, the fewer places I would be able to go. And stop.

So, stay tuned. And discuss the craziness of my decision amongst yourselves.


  1. No drugs or sex? what fun is that? Are you at least going to grow your hair out long enough to wear it in a pony tail and add to tie dye to your wardrobe?

  2. I think I'll grow a pony tail off my chin.

  3. Well....I'm here starting from the (your) beginning. Got a mindful on wanderlust and adventure and your blog appeard to me this coffee and nimble fingers to scroll...I begin to tag along to learn, yearn and believe (that I to can do this) Carry on..... :)

  4. I like your blog, starting from the beginning.