Friday, June 28, 2013

So, backing up a little

The past week was crazy time. Casting one's excess material goods upon the world is liberating, but it still means a lot of schlepping. And some heavy lifting.

And the clock was ticking.

There were some keep-or-give/toss decisions I couldn't make. The immediate thing was to empty the house. Put the I-don't-knows in the van. Those choices can be made later.

The paperwork was completed today. The house is no longer mine. There is no "home" to return to.

I was in Denmark a few years ago. In my grandfather's birthplace. Standing on a bluff, looking out at the North Sea. He, and my ancestors from England, Scotland and Ireland probably looked out at the ocean, unable to see beyond the horizon, going by the reports of others and motivated by their dreams and ambitions and... they went.

Americans tend to be restless because we are descendants of restless people. My restlessness has been building (again) for several years. This is my leap of hope. Things will be better in my new world, right?