Friday, June 7, 2013

Meet the Rolling Steel Tent

So, here it is. Impressive, huh?

A plain cargo van formerly used by a security systems company. Bare metal inside except for rubber floor covering. Some shelving that might be repurposed. A roof rack that will hold a solar panel.

Sixty square feet of home. Just add bed, stove, sink, fridge, porta-potty, clothing, food, supplies. Christensen Transport & Storage.


  1. Questions: So when do you expect to have your abode travel worthy? Can you stand up in it? And when you're in our neck of the woods, please come by and install a security system for us. :^)

  2. I hope to have it ready for the road early next month. I can stand inside—on my knees.

  3. I bought the same type of van. Interested in seeing where it brings you. Like your style.