Friday, June 21, 2013

What would you do?

Let's say you're a business owner, or just an employee in charge of shipping. And you want to maintain excellent customer relations. Okay? Got your head in that place?

Let's say a customer orders a bulky item and a couple of small items. Say it comes to $739.00. and the shipping from Arizona to North Carolina is $256.21 (because of the bulky item).

Let's say you send an email saying the order has been shipped. You even send a tracking number.

Let's say you find out from UPS that the shipping is actually $13.02 more than what you'd calculated. Oops.

Do you:

A. Find a way within the company to eat $13.02 in the name of customer satisfaction

B. Pay the extra $13.02 to UPS so the order can be on its way, but contact the customer, explain the error, apologize profusely, and invoice him for the extra shipping

C. Yank the order off the shipping dock and refund the customer's money. And claim you left messages about the $13.02 on the customer's phone.

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