Monday, June 17, 2013

Low High Low

I've been driving the Rolling Steel Tent (RST) around town, running errands and such, getting used to its mass and its handling characteristics. So far, so good.

The RST is getting better audio stuff installed today, so I'm back to driving the Civic. And it feels odd. Getting down into it instead of up into the van. Sitting close to the floor, legs forward, instead of sitting as if in an office chair. Everything inside the Civic exactly where I left it, but with a microscopic layer of neglect and loneliness.

But, man, the Civic handles so much better. Light, low center of gravity, rack-and-pinion steering...

I went to the Honda dealer to check on what I needed in order to do the end-of-lease turn in. (Almost nothing.) So I'll clean out the glove box, door pockets and trunk and give it a farewell run through the car wash. Then it's adios, amigo. You served me well.

Its spot in the driveway will be taken by a dumpster. Then the new owner's PODS. Both of which the RST can outmaneuver.

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