Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dry or wet?

A rainstorm is headed this way. Two inches of rain over Friday and Saturday. Yuck. Funny how weather that used to be no big deal when I was living in a house like a normal person is now cause to make special plans

Having spent a day or two in the past cooped up in the van while it rained, and seeing that the storm is headed for pretty much every area within a day’s drive that isn’t cold, I decided it was time to expand my wet weather options.

Ta-dah, an awning.

In theory, if the thing doesn’t sail away in the wind or collapse because of my improvised rigging (old Boy Scout tent pitching skills have their limits), the tarp will allow me to cook outside while it rains. We shall see.


  1. It worked just fine. The spring clamps held in the wind. But the wind wasn't as vicious as it sometimes gets in the desert in winter.

  2. Have really enjoyed following your build. Wanted to comment earlier in the process but life got in the way. I used cellulose to insulate a 5000 sq ft warehouse I owned in Michigan. Built stud walls, covered with drywall, and filled the cavity between the drywall and the metal skin of the building with the cellulose. Two years later, the nightmare started when I noticed areas on the outside of the building where corrosion was appearing. When I investigated more closely, I found that the cellulose had been absorbing moisture from inside and outside the structure, keeping the metal constantly wetted and the corrosion was so severe that it had begun penetrating the metal walls. Several tens of thousands of dollars later, the problem was fixed but it was a hard lesson to learn. Just offering the information for whatever it's worth to you and in the hopes you don't have a similar result. Cheers.