Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lost and found

My wifi hot spot went missing the other morning. I had been using it shortly before going to bed and it was gone when I got up. I searched the van but couldn’t find it.

It’s not like there were many places it could go. Had I been sleepwalking and left it somewhere? Had someone managed to slip into my van while I was sleeping? That’s an unsettling thought.

Today I took nearly everything out of the van. The bed and everything under it. The things in the small cabinet. The contents of the front cabinet. If I still didn’t find it, at least the van would be cleaner and more orderly when I was through.

I had just started going through the large metal cabinet that I’d searched the day before when, ah-ha! It was inside the tissue box.

You can see how the hot spot would have ended up in the tissue box.

I know how it probably got there. The door of that cabinet serves as my desk. When I’d finished with the computer, I put it away but forgot the hot spot. When I closed the cabinet door it fell into the tissue box.

It’s good to find it. It's good to be back online. It’s also good to not be suspecting any of my fellow van dwellers of theft.


  1. So glad you found it, Al! I've been losing things myself and it's crazy making.

  2. Hey man, Kajunrex here from the ZRXOA. Shoot me a message or give me a call at 225-223-4452, I'd like to talk about the swingarm from your old ZRX if you still have it.Thanks!

  3. Lost things drive me crazy. Trust is good, but don't be too trusting. As long as you've been on the road now I'm sure you've been violated at least once.