Thursday, November 7, 2013

I am so cool

The nights are getting cooler. I have various ways of measuring how chilly it is as I prepare for bed.

Do I need to roll up the windows?

Do I need to close the roof vent?

Do I need covers?

Do I need to keep my socks on?

Do I need to keep my pants on?

Do I need to wear my knit cap?

Do I need the sleeping bag in addition to the duvet?

Do I need to fire up the heater?

So far, I’ve needed to go with the heater only when we were camped near Flagstaff and at Mule Canyon. October at higher altitudes. 

When I was in California, at sea level, it was mostly window and vent open, covers just for snuggle purposes.

Now, early November, I’m at 3,500 feet. Last night was closed windows, socks on (my feet are usually cold), pants off, covers and knit cap. I could be happy if I slept like that through the winter. But maybe without the cap.

In a week or so, we’ll be going to about 850 feet elevation and 150 miles farther south. And in January I might be in Mexico. We’ll see.

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  1. I've discovered that if I need to keep my hat on I'd better fire up the heater or I'm never getting out of bed in the morning.