Saturday, November 16, 2013

Semi-dumb luck

When we broke camp in Cottonwood, AZ, I was going to Phoenix for a night (mmmmm, long shower, big bed) while Bob and Judy were going to Wickenburg for one night, maybe two. They’d see. 

We’d meet up in Quartzsite. But we didn’t specify how. I don’t have Judy’s phone number, and while I have Bob’s, he never answers. He likes email.

So, after my fling in Phoenix (next time spring the extra few bucks for the room that doesn’t face I-17) I decided to head to Wickenburg. It’s a longer way to Quartzsite, but less manic than I-10. If Judy and Bob had left Wickenburg (they had), I’d just continue on (I did).

There was no reply to my email by the time I hit Quartzsite, so I got lunch. Afterward, I headed out to a part of the desert I’d watched Judy diagram for someone else. Cross over I-10, turn left at the T, turn right at the dead end (map not to scale) and... look for familiar vehicles?

Presto. There were Bob, Judy and another vehicle about a hundred yards off to the right, still picking a campsite.

Sometimes things just work out.

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