Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Gas pain

I’ve done the move hundreds of times. Put the fuel nozzle in the filler neck, begin pumping gas, get the squeegee, then step over the loop of the fuel hose on my way to cleaning the windshield. No problem. Until today.

My toe barely caught on the hose, throwing me off balance. Whoa Nelly, we’re going down! Drop the squeegee! Flail those arms! Grab something!

I managed to stop short of the ground, but not before raking my wrist across the corner of the brick pillar supporting the roof. And not before pulling up part of the thumbnail of the other hand.

So, is this my life now? Banging myself up in some type of minor tumble every couple of months? I fell in January when my toe caught while stepping over a trailer I was helping to assemble. In November I ended up on the ground when my ankle buckled on a loose rock.

It makes me feel old. “Hello, I’m Mr. Clumsiness, your new companion.” Go away.


  1. I, twice, banged my shin going over the tow bar to save time. Now I go around. Bob at Gunsight Wash

  2. I think it may be that our perception changes. I never used to trip over the bathroom throw rug.

  3. Aging strikes again. Don't worry it will get much worse in the future!

  4. Damm, ouch. Gravity is ruthless. As I get older I also have pay acute attention to the rotation of the earth, otherwise gravity awaits to crap on me.

  5. It sounds as if you should learn the Aged Person Shuffle. It's quite humiliating, but often effective. Works with bathroom rugs also. Yeah, and paying acute attention helps a lot too. I'm tired of it already!

    1. But if I were to do the Old Person Shuffle with some rhythm, some attitude, a little booty shake... Huh! Get the funk out!