Saturday, January 18, 2020

Disappearing act

I dropped off a load of things at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous free pile, which is now a curated group of tables rather than stuff dropped randomly on a tarp.

I returned to the Rolling Steel Tent for the shoes that didn’t make it in the first load. By the time I got back to the free pile, both stoves had been taken.

There was only one of eleven DeLorme atlases left (Wyoming). (I still have all my Benchmark atlases of the western states. I prefer those maps.)

The heavy gauge wire was gone.

And one of two belts had found  a home.

The kingsize duvet cover was still there, along with the twin XL fitted sheet. If no one wants them for their original purpose, the fabric can be turned into other things, like curtains.

Flammable/explosive/toxic fluids aren’t allowed at the free pile, so I put a notice on the bulletin board for my mostly-full propane tank. I got a text within a half hour and met with the tank’s new owner.

The van is about fifty pounds lighter now, and less crowded. And it feels good to help others.


  1. I really like it when my extra stuff goes to someone to use instead of the trash can. But you can be sure it will be gone from the Castle before it rolls again once I decide to eliminate an item.

  2. I put five bucks in an old Rolodex at the free pile. I suppose it's still there, after this post, it forward!!