Saturday, January 11, 2020

Well, that’s different

Instead of the usual cans, bottles, nails, cigarette butts and other litter I usually find in fire rings, this one featured a small rug left to the side.

I imagine the previous owner just didn’t want it any longer and offered it up to a future camper who would have need of it. I don’t know how many others have passed on it or how many others in the future will leave it be. I just know it’s nothing I needed.


  1. Occasionally the BLM and Forest Service will post signs, typically in high-traffic areas, asking people to not leave their unwanted items in "the wilds."

  2. Looks like someone with bad knees like me was trying to kneel to tend the fire. Then, like me, forgot about the pad. (probably again)

  3. Al this was a sign from the gods for your posting that video mocking the building of campfires. You were supposed to use that as a prayer rug to kneel on while burning up an offering of apology to them of something that was of value to you. So now you are in real trouble, who knows what is going to happen if you continue on this path of destruction of being out of tune with lighting campfires in the darkness. Maybe your van will overheat and blow a gasket. You are supposed to take these hints seriously.