Saturday, January 4, 2020

G-o-o-o-o-o-d morning

It was one of those nights when my mind and body were like little siblings who wouldn’t quit harassing each other. Over stupid stuff. Petty stuff.

“Don’t touch me!”

“Don’t touch me!

“You started it!”

“No, you touched me first!”

“If you cross this line I’ll call Mom!”

“Mom! Mom! She hit me!”

“Did not!”

“Did so!”

“Well you called me a bad name!”

“Did not!”

“Did so!”

Yeah, like that. All. Night. Long. Even though I took away their phones and sent them to their rooms.

So I was glad when morning came and I could welcome a fresh new day.


  1. Been there, done that, and it's not much fun. . .

  2. Had to pee last night. Didn't want to get up. Result? Bad, anxiety-ridden dreams.

    1. Sometimes I'll wake up, need to pee, tell myself, "Okay, give me a second to mentally prepare for getting out from under the covers," then fall back to sleep. I'll wake up shortly after. "But I just peed. Oh. I didn't. Okay, let's do it for real this time. Argh, brace yourself for the cold."

  3. Hmmm, you need to be a more strict time tell those quiet...go to sleep ...or else you will have to stay in bed all day tomorrow and not get to have any fun.

  4. It looks like I will not get to the desert until the first of Feb. So keep showing desert pics and reporting the great area, it is driving me more nuts. Thanks for writing the blog.

  5. And your morning photo is really cool.:)