Wednesday, October 28, 2020

New routine?

I’ve sort of settled into one of my winter habitats. It’s a little sooner than usual because a cold front has driven me out of some places I wanted to explore. But that might not be a bad thing. Without a list of sights and hikes beckoning me down the road, I have big chunks of time (three, four months?) to tackle some other things I’ve been wanting to do. 

For example, I want to decorate my insulated fridge box. I bought paint and brushes when I was still at Lou’s place, and I applied background colors, but then I put it aside to travel. Today I spent an hour or so working on it. Because there was no rush to squeeze it in before driving off to the Next Thing. 

So far

Then I spent a few hours writing blog posts for someone else. (For money. Yay.)

And a couple of hours assembling a video I had shot weeks ago.

And another hour working on a small craft project.

And fifteen minutes doing a little exercise with a dumbbell.

And a half hour cleaning.

I got a lot done. 

The voice that usually whispers, “You could go to that place. And this place, and these other places,” was quiet. That’s new. 


  1. For being in a lifestyle that I(we?)am supposed to never have anything to do, I sure seem to run out of time very frequently.

  2. Do the weights fill in what your hikes don't? Was wondering about some resistance bands for small storage and small space. Your thoughts?

    1. Part of the weight I lost during cancer was muscle mass. My arms are like sticks, so I'm trying to build them up.

    2. I have no opinion on resistance bands, except that they're light and compact.

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