Saturday, October 17, 2020

Well, that’s not going to work like that

 I had run out of my tough guy it’s-not-too-hot-for-me-ism, and meditating on how life is suffering and this brief moment (in the cosmic sense) shall pass wasn’t helping much. So I broke down and got out my auxiliary fan.

And it didn’t run.

The switch is sticky sometimes, so I flipped it back and forth. The fan remained inert and uncaring.

Then I noticed the plug.

Ah, well there’s your problem. Drive down enough washboard roads and things will shake apart. And the liberated pieces will bounce away to some inaccessible hiding place.

My box of electrical bits didn’t contain a solution short of cutting off the plug and hardwiring it to the house system. Ummmmmm, no. At least not yet. The sun will set in a couple of hours and the desert will cool quickly. I can hold on until then. Because I’m a tough guy. Who meditates.


  1. Oh my, Murphy has been one busy little dude between your place and the trail of broken electronics at my house.

  2. Ditto-my cigarette lighter- Wash Board road not worth my mental apprehension.

  3. Try creating a Mandala specifically for electronics instantaneous repair. If that doesn't work, (mine took 12 years) splice.