Friday, October 23, 2020

The down side

I have a bit of a thing for Mitsubishi Delicas. Cool, four-wheel drive, high-ground-clearance, turbocharged minivans imported used from Japan. I see them occasionally, all tricked out for global adventuring. They’re what VW microbuses dream of being. If I were to get a minivan, the Delica would be my first choice.

Or not.

Today I witnessed the problem with driving a rare imported vehicle. Traffic on US-89 in the Navajo Nation suddenly backed up. We crawled at 35 MPH until there was a passing lane. That’s when I saw what had been holding us up. A Delica belching smoke, trying to limp to Flagstaff. My heart went out. Oh man. Good luck getting that fixed. I pictured the couple stranded, waiting for an engine to be found and shipped from Japan. Or needing to find a totally new vehicle.

Meanwhile, the Rolling Steel Tent just passed 300,000 miles. Yes, with some repairs along the way, but nothing as drastic as a new engine. And if its engine did blow, a replacement wouldn’t need to be sent on a boat. So I think I’ll stick with good old ‘Merican iron. Even if it’s not cute and exotic.


  1. Good blocks for chevys with 80k or less are $1500..
    ...nice ones.

  2. If it's not too late and you get to the Payson area pop me an email and I'll meet up for coffee or whatever we can find open here. Circle K on the south side of town on the way out on 87 has the best pizza in town.

    1. Rats, I just rolled through Payson early this morning (Sunday) on my way south. I'm near Tucson now.

  3. Oh, just comment on my blog, I'll get the email...

  4. Good to you what would be your plans? New ride or new ENGINE if it came to that.