Friday, October 23, 2020

To the Rim and back

I wanted to get to the North Rim of Grand Canyon early enough to catch the sunrise. I woke at 5:00AM and tried to do the mental math of when I would need to leave camp. For some reason (not having looked it up) I thought it was about twenty miles from Jacob Lake to the Rim. It’s actually fifty. I arrived about fifteen minutes after the sun broke the horizon. Oh well. It was still beautiful.

Along the way (once there was a little light in the sky) I saw lots of deer and two groups of bison. Cool.

There were only two other vehicles in the parking lot. And with the visitor center, lodge and cabins closed up it was rather eerie. In a nice way. Like the Martians had taken all the annoying people away in the night.

I guess Bright Angel Point makes you into a bright angel

After checking out the view from Bright Angel Point and the Transept Trail, I drove out to Cape Royal and Point Imperial for a different angle on things. The road goes winds through several different environments, including, alas, burned areas. Again, I was essentially alone. however, the trailhead for North Kiabab Trail was filling up. Hardcore hikers.

I left at about noon. When I reached Jacob Lake, the parking lot for the lodge/store was filled with guys in camo. Hunters. Run, deer! Run and hide! I topped off my the Rolling Steel Tent’s tank and ran for Flagstaff.

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  1. Thank you for the very nice photos. It has been over two decades since I have been in that area. You brought back some good memories for me.