Thursday, December 10, 2020

My moment of non-fame

I was an extra in the Nomadland movie. The Rolling Steel Tent was a prop. It got paid more. 

There was also a scene where several of us improvised lines. I was curious to know whether that bit made the final cut. I finally saw the movie and, alas, no stardom for me.

However, both the van and I can claim to have shared the screen with Frances McDormand. Or did she share it with us?

The Rolling Steel Tent with directional cell antenna erected

Me in my plaid jacket and black hat

It's official


  1. Sorry, but that is funny. Did the RTS have to do 'makeup and hair', too? Did it get a SAG card? Well, it already has a fan club and website. Oh ... and yeah for you. Did you have a red-carpet moment?

    Where will the movie be available to us commoners?

    1. I think the RST and I were deemed too ordinary -- just another boomer guy in a plain white cargo van -- because we were positioned out on the edge of the set.

      The last I heard they're trying for a mid-February release in theaters, pandemic willing.

  2. Applause, applause. I look forward to seeing the movie.

  3. You're world famous in Quartzsite!