Sunday, November 21, 2021

Time warp

I knew I had camped at Ironwood Forest National Monument last year, for several days, but I thought I had also been there two or three years before, pre-cancer. There was a really nice campsite I wanted to return to. 

Back then

I checked the Google maps I keep of my camping locations. 2019? No, nothing there. 2018? No. 2017? Nowhere even in the Tucson area.

So I went back through the blog posts, searching for Ironwood. Yeah, a couple of posts from 2020, but none about the particular site I was looking for.

Okay, let’s look at my 2020 map. There it was. March of last year. Why did it seem so much longer ago? And now that I’m at the spot, why does it still seem like it has been years since I was here? What new old man brain weirdness is going on?



  1. I have camped at a few places that after getting there I recalled being there before. At my current age I probably will not even recall being there before.

  2. Ah, if I didn't have that "old man brain weirdness" to interact with, I'd' probably be a lot older than I am.