Thursday, June 6, 2024

Another adjusted plan

It’s a good thing my plans are made of Silly Putty instead of stone, otherwise I’d be roasting in Santa Rosa instead of mellowing in Mendocino.

I wanted to end up in Mendocino eventually, and the most direct route from Point Reyes Station would be to continue up Highway 1. But it’s a narrow squiggly road and the Rolling Steel Tent is a cumbersome beast under those circumstances. It’s tiring. 

So my bright idea was to go inland to Santa Rosa, hang there a couple of days, then take US101 north a bit before cutting back over to the coast. So I followed the Russian River through forested valleys then dropped down into the Sonoma Plain where, yikes, it was 90-something degrees. Well, to hell with that hellishness. 

So, onward to Mendocino, another town where the air is cool and the streetdocking is easy. And the coastline is magnificent.

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