Monday, June 10, 2024

I forgot I had this

The clothes I wear end up on the top of the stacks. Off-season clothes end up on the bottom. Clothes I haven’t been in the mood to wear are at the bottom of the bottom.

My travels the past few months scrambled things up a little. It was hot in southern Arizona so the winter garments got stowed and the summer togs were put into service. Then things got switched back when I ended up in winter again in Flagstaff. Then it was summer again for a week while I was back in Yuma. Then chilly again when I got to the coast.

It’s not wintery here but I still need to wear my warmer clothes. My winter things are a bit overkill, so I’ve been sorting through the stacks for in-between apparel. That’s when I discovered a sweatshirt I had completely forgotten.

Oh! Yeah, that’s perfect! It doesn’t broadcast that I’m less adapted to the climate than the locals, and it’s less lumberjacky than my flannel shirts.


  1. Always good when you "shop your closet" and find something you forgot!

    1. I think I forgot about it because I didn't have much need to wear it after I got it.

  2. Are your bright, fun shirts still in the line up?

  3. I can't say I "love" pooping in the woods, but I appreciate the sentiment. (the sticker on the wall)

    Great potrait!