Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Wet and dry

Once again I lucked out with a free shower at the Flying J in Ehrenberg AZ. If the tall guy with glasses and light brown hair and beard waits on you, maybe he'll give you a free shower, too. Otherwise, it's $12 without the pro driver rewards card.

After getting myself clean, it was time to do the same for my clothes and bedding. I was the only one at Country Wash Coin Laundry on the east end of Hobson Way (the main street) in Blythe CA. The machines aren't the newest, and some are out of order, but the place is clean and there's plenty of counter space for folding.

One of the joys of doing laundry in an arid climate is clothes (especially jeans and towels) dry quickly. That means fewer coins in the dryers or time hanging on a line. It means getting to La Paloma Cafe sooner for one of their burritos.

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