Thursday, January 31, 2019

Up and away

I woke at 5:12. Not sort of awake. I was you’re-totally-done-for-the-night awake. What to do? Fidget in bed and stare at the darkness? I was going to hit the road at sunrise anyway. Might as well get an earlier start.

So, out to southbound I-5 toward San Diego. Traffic never really stops on California freeways, but pre-dawn traffic was flying along. Next thing I knew I was taking the 805 fork and then I-8 east. Now I was going the opposite way of the earliest commute traffic. I waved at the unfortunate drivers. “You’re going to work but I’m going to the desert, to do nothing much. Sorry.” (Not really sorry.)

Also, if I’d left later, I wouldn’t have seen the Blue Angels practicing over El Centro. They made a low level pass right over the highway. Good morning.

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