Wednesday, November 11, 2020

A plan is forming

I’ve stayed put for a week but realized I’m not quite ready to settle in for the winter. So I think Monday I’ll go to Quartzsite to pick up a package that should be arriving at my mail forwarder, then head to Joshua Tree for a couple of days to do some hiking. As always, plans are subject to change. Especially after announcing them.


  1. Plans??? I "home base" frequently, like I am here in Rockport until the Christmas mess is finished. However I seldom "stay around camp" for long. There is a lot of clover leaf trips centered around the current home base. The style did not happen on purpose. It just happened. My cloverleaf radius is normally about an hours drive maximum. It fits with my Meanderthall attitude.

  2. Uh-oh. We all KNOW what happens when you "formulate" a plan....the opposite.

    On pins und needles! (Should be innerestin'.)

  3. Quote, un-quote "plans" are the best kind of plans.