Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Seven changes and one thing that’s the same

— The Park Service at Joshua Tree is out of the newsprint flyer that contained a trail guide. They have a laminated version at the visitor center and recommend you take a photo of it with your phone.

— About half the dryers are out of order at Country Wash, my heretofore preferred laundromat in Blythe. At least they have nice long tables for folding your stuff.

— La Paloma, my favorite Mexican restaurant in Blythe, featuring huge and hugely delicious burritos, is not only closed but also boarded up.

— They’re doing some remodeling of the driver lounge/laundry/showers at the Flying J in Ehrenberg. The showers are still in service and still satisfying.

— Ken’s Market, in Quartzsite, where everything is a dollar, used to have piles of single-serving cherry flavored Craisens, five for a buck. Perfect for oatmeal. There are none now. It’s always a matter of what overstocked, out-of-date stuff they can get a deal on. 

— The other Quartzsite everything-a-dollar grocery still has cans of pork and beef, but there were none of my favorite nutrition bars (six for a dollar) hiding in the heap of various brands and flavors. They were giving away donuts.

— The host at the Hi Jolly dispersed camping area is the same guy as the previous three years.

UPDATE: It turns out La Paloma is still around, just in a new location on Lovekin Blvd, near McDonalds. Yay!

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