Thursday, November 19, 2020

Alternate fuel

There’s a shortage right now of those green 1-pound propane bottles. I’m guessing it’s a combination of it being high-demand season in the region and a supply chain messed up by the pandemic. I had no luck finding them at three Walmarts, a Lowe’s and a Home Depot. But then I had an idea. I checked the blowtorch section at Home Depot and, ah-ha!

Propane is propane

They’re 14.1 ounces rather than 16. I bought two of them at $3.97 each, which is in the range of the green bottles—which I haven’t found. Having some at not the ideal price or format is better than none.


  1. You can refill the 1#ers with a $10. valve and a 20# tank for a fraction of the cost of the green ones.
    I've picked up quite a few from campground dumpsters...

    1. I had a 20# tank and necessary hoses until last year when I decided it was taking up too much space, especially with the low amount of propane I was using -- about a gallon a year.

  2. M-Kay..It was just a thought..For me hauling the little one's was so much easier than the 20# one..
    I've even found larger than the 20's in dumpsters..They had to be updated and folks tossed them...The cost to renew is not that much.
    I'm older and I just can't understand this toss-it world, Oh well...
    Ride safe!..
    Got any nails that need straightened?....