Sunday, November 1, 2020

Feeding the multitude

The day before yesterday I deposited about a quarter cup of leftover cornbread batter next to a bush.

Yesterday the batter was dry and covered with ants.

Today the batter is gone.

Busy ants. Ants with extra food stored away. Or ants craving some chili to go with the cornbread.


  1. Would you please tell us how you cook cornbread? Do you have an oven? Inquiring minds are very curious.

    1. I treat cornbread batter pretty much like pancake batter, plopping spoonfuls in a pan, making johnny cake-like things. Very low heat so they can cook through before burning. Back when I had a house and oodles of electricity I used a waffle iron for cornbread.

  2. Over at our favorite place on ogalvy road there's a ant hill that I visit every time we go there. I've put different stuff near the mound several times and they really go after it. One time I put leftover pop corn and went back the next day and they had transported most of it back to the entrance and we're working on it. The next day most f it was gone.they are amazing.

  3. Only ants will get thru Trumps beautiful wall!

  4. Waffle iron....Thanks, I'll give that a shot tomorrow...