Friday, November 26, 2021

I thought I’d be here longer

I’m not here anymore

I pulled into Quartzsite on Thursday with the intent of staying at least through the weekend. I needed to pick up a package at my mail forwarder, and I wanted to stock up on some discount foodstuffs from a couple of vendors. I even posted on social media that I was interested in meeting up with any online friends who happened to be in the area.

But then I got a message Friday morning from a friend and former coworker stating the long awaited memorial service for our former boss—a wonderful man, a true mensch—was Saturday. In Burbank. He had passed away months ago, but the memorial service had been on hold because of the pandemic. 

Ah. That changes my plans.

I got my Quartzsite errands done and hit the highway. I decided to break the four-hour schlep to Burbank into two segments. So I’m currently camped outside the south entrance to Joshua Tree National Park. I was surprised there were spots available, it being a holiday weekend and all. I’ll drive the final leg tomorrow, arriving shortly before the service. Then… well, I’d be almost at the beach. It would be stupid to immediately return to the desert. I’d just need to figure out where to stay. Perhaps with the friend who notified me of the service?


  1. One of great things about living in a van is the ability to change directions at a moments notice. Sorry for the reason for your change but, hey, heading to the beach sounds wonderful!

  2. Guess I missed out at Chiriaco, figured all the spots would be taken.