Thursday, February 17, 2022

Gimme power!

My job as editor of the Cheap RV Living site came with a new laptop. A 13-inch MacBook Pro. Boy howdy! But there’s a small problem. My old 400-Watt DC-to-AC inverter isn’t powerful enough to charge it. It took me a few days to figure that out.

I’ve ordered a 1,000-Watt inverter but, things being the way they are, it’ll be a couple of weeks before it arrives. In the meantime, I’ll have to sneak good old AC power where I can. Today that was in the truckers’ waiting room at a Flying J. The cartoon show on the TV was annoying but the chairs were comfortable.


  1. Download Libby ,free audio books then with wireless earbuds you could listen to a book or podcast. Options are good.

  2. My 400 watt inverter powers my Dish Satellite & receiver along with my 26" Smart-ass TV...Maybe something is wrong with yours?
    Or does a Mac require a bunch more power?