Sunday, February 20, 2022

We might have a solution

Knowing of my cold feet plight and my quest for a solution, Lou sent me a pair of socks. Not just ordinary socks. Not old fashioned wool socks. No no. These are rocket science super socks! Aerospace fabric! Thermal looping technology! Soft-touch aluminized threads that reflect and distribute natural radiant heat! And thick, plush, never-want-to-take-them-off synth-fleece lining! So claims the maker, 35° Below, in a video that seems to have been made by the Veg-A-Matic, Pocket Fisherman folks.

The copper colored flecks are the aluminized threads. They're long and hanging loose inside, I guess to draw heat from your skin.

What the heck, don’t look a gift sock in the, uh, toes. I gave them a try. The weather had warmed some since I tried the heat pad and hot water bottle, so the test wasn’t as rigorous. Certainly not down to -35 degrees. Nonetheless, I award the socks the RST Seal of Approval.

They are comfy, despite the aluminized plastic threads. And unlike other serious socks I have, the tops aren’t too tight on my legs. I can wear them without being annoyingly conscious I have socks on. 

With the heat pad and hot water bottle I needed to keep my feet near the heat source. But since the socks follow my feet I can move freely in bed.

The 35° Below video features people happily frolicking in the snow and slush. They are obviously insane. But if one were to wear these outside, they’d need shoes a couple of sizes larger. These socks are thick. Try to squeeze all that thermal looping and cozy fleece into your regular sized mukluks and you’ll probably cut off circulation in your lower extremities. Good thing I’m smart enough to stay holed up in freezing weather.

But, yeah, thank you Lou for thinking of my feet. They’re happy now.

UPDATE: Lou got some of these for himself, so now we’re sock twins.

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