Tuesday, February 15, 2022


The wind in these parts usually blows out of the north. And it was blowing hard today. When I pulled into my camp this afternoon I aimed the Rolling Steel Tent northward to minimize the buffeting.

After I had been settled in the van for a while, I realized the wind was coming from the west. That’s odd. So I repositioned.

Now, a few hours later, after dinner, shoes off, reclined into reading position, the wind has decided to mess with my peaceful evening by returning to its usual northerly direction.

So on with the shoes, out into the dust and sand laden air to move the van again.

I suspect the wind will move again sometime during the night.


  1. I am boondocking in the south Texas desert area now and today the wind has shifted back and forth 180 degrees for the last few hours. It is a bit of a nuisance doing that.

  2. Olgiby,wind off the dunes last night and full of dust. Calm this morning,much better.

  3. No strong winds, dust or sand this time of year in Inverness Florida and just perfect humidity at around 50%.