Friday, February 4, 2022

The day is saved

I thought I was losing my mind. I knew I had just unlocked the side door of the Rolling Steel Tent, yet it was still locked. 

I unlocked it again, there was the clunk of the latch, but it remained locked. 

Turn the key counterclockwise to open. Clunk. Still locked. 

With the next attempt, I heard the unlocking clunk, but also a quieter clunk when turned the key to the neutral position to remove the key. Did it just relock?

So on the next try I left the key turned counterclockwise and, the door opened. 

I watched the inside lock lever as I turned the key back and forth. Yup, the latch kept clicking to locked position when I tried to remove the key. So I tried holding the lever as I turned the key. I could remove the key, but as soon as I let go the latch flipped to the locked position. Ergh.

I worked the key and lever through several cycles to see if things would loosen up and act normally. No.

Okay, before I order up a new locking mechanism and tear the door apart to replace it, let's try good old WD-40.

I sprayed it in the lock, in the latch, in the lever and any hole or crack in the general area of the lock. And... it worked. All hail WD-40!


  1. lock graphite in a can good stuff or lithium white works on hood and door mechanize. Great blog by the way

  2. My mechanic recommends silicone spray Especially for anything electronic like a key ignition or power door locks. My Kia Rio had a worn key which needed a few tries to find the sweet spot where it would turn. Before getting a new key made, my mechanic suggested spraying the key with silicone. Short term fix. Eventually a locksmith had to make new keys. Set me back $250.

  3. You do know that lock is just waiting to mess up your day?..No other way in, unlocked other door, window, etc....Gotch'a ..It's happened to me...