Monday, February 26, 2024

That’s not my job

Bob Wells asked me to proofread/edit the manuscript for his next book. It’s a collection of his blog posts. Sure, I could do that (although my various teachers, if still alive, would be shocked I had learned how to spell, punctuate, and write coherent sentences).

Bob and I share views on about 85% of things. While reading the manuscript I’d get to one of the issues where we disagree (greatly or slightly) and I’d have the urge to insert my counter argument. But that’s not what I’m there for.

This experience has given me new appreciation for professional editors. They must work on many books they think are complete garbage. 

I did suggest some changes to make the book a better reading experience, and Bob was all for it. Now if only I could fix the 15% of things I believe he’s wrong about. Because I’m always right. Right? No? Aw, come on. At least 95% right. What? Not even 50%?


  1. I agree with you more often than I agree with Bob. Being of good German stock I am (almost) always right, so you are in good shape on that front.

  2. I have a friend who writes very amusing mysteries that I love to read. (the Big Lake series.) I thought about becoming one of his proof readers but I thought it might interfere with my enjoyments of his stories. So I just read for fun once they are published as ebooks then send him notice of any typos I find which he says he appreciates.
    Linda Sand

  3. A good editor will point out things they think are incorrect. A better editor will determine if something is incorrect and notify the author.

    1. My differences with Bob aren't about factual things.

    2. it's about perspective ! Not right or wrong or opinion cause you know what they say about opinions .