Friday, February 16, 2024

Where’s the beef?

After my Walmart adventure in Parker I found pretty good boondocking spot south of town along Shea Road. But after a while two things made me decide to leave in the morning. 

The first was the realization it was the beginning of Presidents’ Day weekend. Off-road vehicles were buzzing up and down the road and more toy haulers arrived all evening. It was going to get crowded and noisy.

The second thing was that with the growing crowd the cellular bandwidth was rapidly clogging to the point of uselessness. I had come here to get away from that problem in Quartzsite. Rats.

But where would I go? The general plan, without a schedule, was to visit friends in Ajo/Why. That would be about a three hour drive. Easy peasy. And Highway 72 as a shortcut. I had never gone that way before. There, I had a plan.

Not only was that route new to me, but so were pavement markings like this. I guess the ordinary signs hadn’t been sufficient. Or were these offers of a trade?


  1. For a bit of adventure take Harquehala Valley Rd south to the Rio Valley Market. I liked there pizza and Rocky Ringhiser (6 yrs ago) enjoyed their burritos.
    Then, if you go east 8.1 (from the market) on W Courthouse Rd, you go past Saddlemountain BLM camping area.

    Happy Travels!

  2. Amazing that say 30 years ago you probably had a brick for a phone and had no idea what band width was. Things like that have snuck up on us.