Monday, February 19, 2024

The roads not previously taken

The standard way to get from I-10 to I-8 when you’re west of Phoenix is to take Highway 65 from Buckeye to Gila Bend. But I’ve driven it more than a dozen times and wanted to do something different. Besides, even though that route is familiar it seems to get longer every time.

The Parker-to-Interstate 10 route had worked well, so what did Google Maps have to offer for the next leg? This:

It’s sort of taking the squiggly hypotenuse of the triangle rather than the adjacent two sides. Slightly shorter and slightly slower. That’s cool. More leisurely, fewer semis and other large vehicles (or any type of vehicle) and some new territory to see.

The big surprise was the amount of farming along the way. The Gila River runs through there. It’s usually dry (at least at the surface) when I’m in the area, but the recent storms have it looking like and actual river instead of a large dry wash.

As a bonus, it’s perfect weather for driving with the window open. And 50 to 60 miles per hour makes that much more enjoyable than 70 to 80.

I’ll spend a few days in my current boondocking east of Gila Bend before backtracking to visit friends in Why. The Gila Bend-to-Why journey also seems longer each time, and there’s no shorter way there. Oh well.

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