Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Golden hour

I’m in Quartzsite to take care of some business with my mail forwarding service. I need to do a change of address from Lou’s former place in New Mexico. The Postal Service has extra hoops to jump through when you’re changing to a mail forwarder.

Then I need to jump through the DMV’s hoops to change my license and registration. And since my debit card expires in May, when I’ll be wandering the continent, I need to deal with getting the new one.  Ah, stuff.

So, Quartzsite. It’s still high season here and that means cellular bandwidth is clogged. Even though I have two carriers it’s still hard to get usable web service. In the past I’ve waited until the middle of the night to use the Internet, but I discovered something this afternoon: apparently a lot of us old farts take post-lunch naps, freeing up enough bandwidth to post things like this.

Also, the not well known boondocking area very near town still has enough room for privacy. And quiet enough to nap in peace.

1 comment:

  1. I'd be one of the ones napping. :)
    Linda Sand