Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Up and at ‘em

This morning I became one of those people we’re supposed to admire for being out of bed and doing something as the sun rises.

I was parked a block from the docks last night. I could see a slice of the Sound between buildings. The stillness of the water and quality of light gave me the urge to try out the photographic capabilities of the “old” phone my friend had passed along to me yesterday.

I had been thinking, “Ain’t I something for being out here, walking the deserted streets, instead of being a slothful sleeper?” when I saw a group of not-young people preparing to do some rowing. Oh, actual physical exertion, not just strolling with hands in pockets. It was barely 5:30 and I had already been put in my place.

I tried to assuage my humiliation. “How are they going to squeeze those wide butts into such a narrow boat?” I only made myself feel petty.

This afternoon I’ll be squeezing my 18-foot 2.3-inch van onto a ferry with a vehicle length restriction of 18 feet. I had better arrive extra early in case I need to engage in some actual physical exertion removing a bumper in the parking lot.

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