Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9-10-13: City of Rocks National Reserve, Idaho

This is remote. Not Mongolia remote. Not packs of wolves chasing herds of caribou remote. Just zero cell service remote. And no wifi, of course. (Ugh, almost 20 hours without wifi!)

City of Rocks is at the bottom of Idaho, a few miles from Nevada. Through farming areas, up a dirt road, and up a worse dirt road. 

A state campground with toilets. Toilets are more important than wifi. The toilet is a short walk. And downwind. 

City of Rocks is one of those geologic wonderlands. Jagged ridge lines, house-sized boulders topped buy car-sized boulders. The campsites are tucked in among the rocks. Almost like Bedrock. Yabba-dabba-doo.

Cedar, sage and wildflowers. And critters, I assume. I watch for snakes.

But no big-assed RVs here. Because there are no hookups, no level concrete pads. Aw, gee. This is a tent camping place. Or, in my case, a sleep-in-the-van camping place.

I passed other occupied campsites on the way in, but I can’t see any of my neighbors from my spot. Sweet.

It’s a little after 6:00 PM as I write this. There are high, thin, scattered clouds and a light breeze. It’s great right now. It will be brisk tonight, which is a nice change.

I hope the clouds remain sparse through the night. I got an iPhone app that tells me what I’m seeing in the night sky. I want to see a crap load of stars.


The temperature was perfect last night. But the star show wasn't as great as I hoped, even after I waited for the moon to set.

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