Friday, September 13, 2013

Different view

When I lived in Utah I must have gotten jaded about canyons. 

Yeah yeah, another gap in the mountains with a stream at the bottom. 

A place to escape the summer heat.

A place hunters and fishermen go.

A nasty road to drive to go skiing.

A slow way to get anywhere.

I’ve been away a long time. Perceptions change.

When I was going to USU in Logan I thought Logan Canyon was just okay. Besides, I had other things demanding my interest at the time. (And some women I was interested in who would rather I disappear up the canyon or something.)

Today, though, it looked amazing. Maybe it was the dampness intensifying colors and bringing out details. Maybe it was that I wasn’t in a rush and could bother to notice.

A big part of it, though, is about taking the turn-offs. Isn't that true of life in general?

1 comment:

  1. Interesting how time and circumstance change our perception of things. Logan Canyon is beautiful this time of year.