Friday, September 20, 2013

Makes you think all the world's a sunny day, oh yeah!

I worked part of the summer of 1975 at Bryce Canyon Lodge, as a cook. Well, mostly as a heater of frozen food. It was an interesting time.

I’ve seen Bryce Canyon from the rim, from the bottom, by foot, by mule, sunrise, sunset and full moon. I’ve made out in the canyon. With more than one woman. So, it’s not like I’d see anything new if I visited again. It would be a nostalgia trip.

Keeping to my general rule of avoiding Interstates and traffic, I’d approached Bryce Canyon from a side way. Highway 62 east from Junction, then highway 22 south. Essentially deserted roads through canyons and grazing land. Peaceful. No hurry.

Then I got to highway 12, which is one of the primary roads connecting various parks and tourist areas. Things changed. 

I headed to the park entrance but got cranky by the time I got to Ruby’s Inn. AAACK! Touristiness! I couldn’t take it.

So I turned around in the parking lot of a souvenir shop and headed to what I hoped would be a less exploitative area.

I found it at Kodachrome Basin State Park. It’s not on all the tourist guides. And dirt roads to the scenic points keep out the wusses.

Shakespeare Arch seemed like a good destination. A 1.7-mile “moderate to strenuous” walk takes you to the arch. It’s not very big, but it’s in a mini canyon that’s a nice place to sit a while, listen to the silence and think. So I did.

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