Friday, September 27, 2013

Amateur meterology

“Earlier today, with the cold wind and the way the clouds were forming, I thought it might snow,” I said.

“According to the forecast, we might get a little rain, but then this front should pass through and then it’ll be sunny and relatively warm for the week to come,” he said.

“Red sky at night, sailors’ delight,” she said, gesturing to the sunset.

“But, no doubt, it’ll be cold tonight,” he said.

As usual, I woke several times during the night. A couple of times I heard rain on the roof of the Rolling Steel Tent. I wondered how muddy it might be in the morning. 

At about 2:30 I took a look outside. 


Snow is sneaky. It doesn’t make plipping sounds on the roof to let you know it's there. 

I get to be smug, though, with my weather prediction.

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