Friday, September 27, 2013


Some things are easier done early in the process. Like wiring a solar power system in the confines of a van. Particularly if you’re a large fellow like me. Beds and cabinets get in the way. I learned some new contortionist moves the past two days. And sat on some sharp tools.

And if English is your first language, and your second language skills are sadly limited to begin with, and totally lack technical jargon, then you don’t want to go misplacing the English instruction manual and be left to fumble along in French, Spanish, Italian or, oh my, German.

And if you need to keep reminding yourself to install the fuse, install the fuse, install the fuse, then it’s best to write it down, because you’re going to forget to install the fuse. And you’re going to wonder if you broke something very expensive because you got the French wrong. But you’ll have that moment of sweet sweet relief when you realize you only forgot to install the fuse. And everything works.

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